The Lord Is My Helper

Hebrews 13:6  So we may boldly say: “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear.  What can man do to me?”  

Are you facing a difficult situation today and don’t see any way around it?  As you share your problem with someone else, their response may be, “Join the club, because I’m in the same situation.”  

Take your need to the Lord, because He wants to help you today.  He wants you to boldly state that He is your helper.  Speak with confidence, because He will not let you down, if you are living for Him.  His idea is that there is nothing people can do to you that He can’t control. 

Daniel’s three friends may have felt God let them down when they were put into the furnace. They soon found out that Jesus was with them during the trial, enabling them to walk around in the fire, although it had just destroyed the people who threw them in.  When they came out of the furnace they were promoted, and God received greater glory.

Southwest, United States – Christian author Sam Rawlins releases, A Return to Meadow
Woodan inspirational novel shedding light on God’s saving grace that can bring healing and wholeness to Veteran’s who suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Jack Holden is a returning Veteran who’s in need of deep emotional healing. Suffering from PTSD, his thought life has taken him down a road he dare not travel. With a suicidal thoughts and feelings of hopelessness, he sets out on a cross-country bus ride to come to terms with a promise he made to a dying friend. This is a powerful book and a deeply touching story of divine intervention arranged by God through a strange old man named “Doc” and an unforgettable encounter with the presence of God that becomes moving spiritual experience catapulting Jack Holden into love and faith in God, something he never thought possible.

You Have Been Set Apart For Good Works

Ephesians 1:1 Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, to the saints who are in Ephesus, and faithful in Christ Jesus.  

Although the letter to the Ephesians was addressed to the Christians in Ephesus, it was designed for the believers of all ages, in every country. Notice, we are called “SAINTS”. Any believer who is living for the Lord, is a saint in the eyes of the Lord. You don’t have to wait until you have passed away to become a saint, because you are one now, if you are living for Him. A saint is a person who is set apart for God’s purposes, and we have been set apart to live for Him.  

You have been set apart for the work of the Lord, and He wants to work through you to meet your needs as well as those of others around you. He has you in the position He wants you to be, so “Saint, What ever your name is”, expect the Lord to work through you today.

Drawing Closer To God

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You will be encouraged as you read It Was Not My Fault! All the Glory to God by Rachel Lee White. Rachel's new book is a faith-filled and unique book of prayers bringing to light her own experiences that relays the message to readers in that we over come by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.

Bringing insight to the power of prayer, the author offers hope to others that as the author notes from Creflo Dollar as famously spoke, “Your past does not determine your future.” Three short chapters cover: Early Childhood, Young Adulthood, and Middle Adulthood to Present Day that are designed to relate to God. Readers will find this book an inspiration as to how to know and draw near to our Father in Heaven through the connection of prayer.

Title: It Was Not My Fault! All the Glory to God
By: Rachel Lee White
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 Stars

Born out of much grief, her story is heartbreaking as she was orphaned at the age of 10 by violence that penetrated her home through her father who wounded her mother, which led to her death and his eventual suicide. Raised by her grandmother, the chronic grief opened unwanted “drama” in the author’s life. Finding herself with 2 babies and homeless by the age of 18, she was persuaded by Child Services to give her children to Foster Care, and soon followed their adoption.

Fostering the truth of God’s Word, this book comes highly recommended as an inspirational tool to young adults (especially young teenage girls) that need to understand that nothing is their fault (as the title denotes) and that God is able to complete the work He has begun. This is an amazing short prayer testimonial filled with Scriptural and foundational truths that renew the mind that will catapult readers towards thankfulness and the amazing love and grace of God. You may get your copy of It Was Not My Fault! All the Glory to God at Amazon or inKindle. You may visit Rachel at her website, The Disciples of the Blood of the Lamb for more information and some great ministry.

Help In Times Of Trouble

Hebrews 13:6 So we may boldly say: The Lord is my helper; I will not fear.  What can man do to me?

Today might appear to be the worst day of your life, but God wants to turn it around to make it one of the best days of your life.  

Do you recall the Children of Israel when they reached the Red Sea?  They were very discouraged because the Egyptian Army was right behind them, mountains were on both sides, a tremendous storm was overhead, and the Red Sea was just ahead.  They seemed to have no answers for their problem.  

Then God told them not to be afraid.  They were to stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He would accomplish that day.  He also told them that He would fight for them and they would hold their peace, see Exodus 14:13-14.  God wants to fight for you to give you a great victory today.  Expect Him to undertake in a great way.     Exodus 14:14  The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.

Religion - Why Everyone’s Belief About God Cannot Be True

Many sincere and good people, who have varying beliefs about God, have the right to believe whatever they want. However, everyone's belief cannot be true when it comes to God's existence and identity. This is not uncaring or intolerant; it's simply, as we have just reviewed how truth works. If truth could contradict itself, a Christian and an Atheist would both be correct about God's existence and we know this is impossible. shinning

Suppose you were a detective and six people showed up (an Atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, Mormon, Hindu and Christian) with different stories claiming to be the sole heir of a tremendous fortune. Could they all be telling the truth? No, you would immediately recognize the obvious problem, six people claiming to be the sole heir is a contradiction and could not possibly be true.

Therefore you would check out their stories and follow the evidence to uncover the truth. At some point their explanations would be contradictory to the facts in your investigation. Once you discover who the actual heir is, you would know for certain that the other five claims were false, no matter how close to the truth they appeared.

When it comes to God we have a similar situation. Many people have shown up and claim to know the truth about God. On the surface it may seem like most of them are headed in the same direction. But when we look closer, we see that they all contradict each other when it comes to the most important points, like salvation. Christianity is the sole belief that teaches salvation by God's grace, through faith alone. The others teach works (good deeds) and specific conditions as a necessity. Both can't be right.

Let's Dig Deeper Into The Truth

For a further in depth look into the above thought provoking article, visit Gravity, True For You But Not For Me where you will find an abundance of thought provoking information about eternal life. You may also get your own free e-Book of Gravity, True For You But Not For Me on Smash Words and Amazon.

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Pastor Chuck Smith Talks Candidly About His Lung Cancer

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chuck Smith talks candidly about his lung cancer.

He vows to keep on preaching and broadcasting during this difficult time and says, 'I have no fears'

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

COSTA MESA, CA (ANS) -- It was last Sunday (January 1, 2012,) when many in the congregation at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California, were shocked and surprised when Pastor Chuck Smith, it senior pastor, announced during the morning services that he has lung cancer.

Yet Smith, now in his eighties and the father of the Jesus People Revolution in Southern California, said that he has never smoked in his life.

Now Pastor Chuck, as he is known to his the thousands who attend his church, has agreed to talk candidly about his illness.

In an exclusive interview that he gave me during the "Meet the Missionaries" event at the church on Saturday, January 7, 2012, where he made a surprise appearance, he began by answering by question about how he was feeling.

"I'm feeling great," he began. "You know, it's an interesting thing, with what they say is going on inside of me, that I'm not feeling it at all. There is no pain and I am just rejoicing in the Lord."

I then asked him when he first heard that he had lung cancer.
"Actually, I do my physical checkups twice a year and they take blood and analyze it and there was one of the factors that was in the blood that was increasing dramatically and so that was an indication that there was something wrong and it did indicate the possibility of cancer," he said.

"So that instigated a bunch of tests -- PET scans, CAT scans, MRI's (Magnetic resonance imaging) -- and the whole thing. It seems like it's pretty much localized in the area of my middle lobe of the right lung, and so it looks like it's treatable and so we know it's in the hands of the Lord so I have no fears."

Has there been a date set for the surgery?

"No, actually, they're still analyzing the situation," said Pastor Chuck. "They've taken all the tests and they're analyzing them now, and then on Tuesday the doctors are going to all meet together and have a conference and they're going to talk about the strategy and the best way to attack what they've discovered.

"So I won't know until sometime after Tuesday about what they've learned and what they want to do. It's all in the Lord's hands and I am trusting Him to guide them, and I'm sure He's guiding me.

"It's an interesting thing that people expect you to sort of panic, but why?," he asked, "because I know that God's on the throne."

I then asked Pastor Chuck why he decided to announce to the church at the three morning services that he had lung cancer.

"Well you know," he said, "rumors can get going and they can get so distorted and so I wanted them to hear it directly from me rather than from some other source where they would not maybe get the correct information and I wanted them to hear it from me and know the confidence that I have in the Lord; that He's on the throne and He's going to take care of it and I'm not really panicked and I'm not really worried.

"Whatever comes, as I said to them on Sunday, the worst thing that can happen is I could die, but that's great you know," he added with a huge smile.

I wondered if he still planned to continue preaching and with his booming voice he said, "Oh my, yes. There will be no giving up on that just and I will be continuing on."

Will you be preaching tomorrow?

"I'll be preaching tomorrow -- you bet."

Chuck Smith has a busy radio and television schedule with his Pastor's Perspective program on the K-Wave Radio Network and his weekly update on His Channel (,) so would be also be continuing with them all?

"Well of course we'll continue with them," he said. "I don't see any slowing down on either of those."

On December 27, 2009, Chuck Smith suffered a couple of "minor strokes" and was hospitalized in a local a local hospital, so I asked him how the lung cancer diagnosis differed from this latest situation.

"This is different because with the strokes I was really physically weakened as a result and it took a little longer to rehabilitate from that. But this is something that I expect to just be out for just a short time," he said.

Finally how can people pray for you Pastor Chuck?

"Well, just pray that the Lord's will be done because whatever it is, I'm open to Him," he said.

Since the news came out about Pastor Chuck's lung cancer, literally thousands of people around the world have been praying for him.

Rick Wakeman playing at an ASSIST benefit concert at Calvary Chapel Downey
One of them is keyboard legend, Rick Wakeman, who played some benefit concerts for ASSIST at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa as well as other Calvary Chapels.

I asked Wakeman if he would comment on Chuck Smith for me from his home in the UK, from where he has been asking Christians in the British Entertainment field to also pray for him.

Rick said, "I first met Chuck so many years ago now, and what I do remember though is the impact this man had on me, and in many ways still does -- I quote him a lot.

"What's special about Chuck is that he lives in the real world. He is a Christian living in a world that like many of us, he doesn't like a lot of what is going on, yet he works tirelessly to bring Christianity and decency amongst all the mayhem.

"You only have to look at Calvary Chapel to know that God is with him all the way and will always be so. Even Chuck is human though, and for many, including Chuck, fighting health issues is all part and parcel of the world we live in and a challenge that people like Chuck rise to.

"So many people are constantly in Chuck's prayers, so I hope that they have put Chuck in theirs. He's certainly in mine!"

Note to the broadcast media: My interview with Chuck Smith is available for broadcast. It is 3.44 minutes in length and can be requested by sending me an e-mail at with your name, the station or network you represent and the location.

Note to ANS readers: I have posted the above interview on our website and you can hear it by going to:,2012Mono.mp3
I would like to thank Robin Frost for transcribing this interview.

Unbridled Grace - Walking With God Through Life's Storms

Title: Unbridled Grace
Author: Michael J. Norman
ISBN# 9781457500961
Review Date: July 21st, 2011
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0

Unbridled Grace by Michael J. Norman is an astonishing and inspiring true account of a six-year nightmare endured by the author and his immediate family. This journey led this young, bright doctor, freshly out of medical school, through the darkest depths of an evil conspiracy involving the Russian Mafia. This is a truly amazing story of redemption and a triumphant testimony to the love and grace of God.

Upon answering a microscopic two-line ad in the newspaper, the author, Michael J. Norman found himself entangled in the most mind-boggling web of evil imaginable and found himself to be the direct target of powerful, influential and merciless men in a system that defines itself as our legal system. Caught against insurmountable and extraordinary circumstances, Author Michael J. Norman, unabashedly tells his dramatic story of an almost inconceivable nightmare that forever changed his life.

Guided by his power in the choice to believe in his own innocence, truth, justice and the saving power of God, Author Michael J. Norman candidly shares his dramatic real-life scenario of one man’s fight against the impossible, only to find himself face to face with the absolute omnipotent, ever-present power and favor of God.

This riveting true story will undeniably lift your faith and is a great encouragement to the body of Christ as a testimony to the absolute strength in trusting your life to the Savior of your soul, Jesus Christ.

Come experience the authentic and exceptional story of one man who endured excruciating pain and trauma. Be encouraged in your own life to step out in faith and put your trust in God and the absolute power of choosing Him over anything else in this world.

A highly recommended and engaging read for anyone enduring any kind of threatening trial. This book will give you fuel to get through the fire. Be prepared, this book is nothing short of breathtaking!

Unbridled Grace by Author Michael J. Norman

Highly Recommended
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0
Reviewed by Christian Book Reviews

When Illness Hit's Home

There is nothing worse than being sick, dealing with a disease or encountering chronic illness. A little over a year ago, I encountered a heart attack. While I did survive the heart attack which was called a widow maker, I developed some heart issues that have changed my life in many ways. Currently, I take 3 medications plus Aspirin twice a day. While changing my diet, eating heart healthy and being wise to my condition has helped. I still deal with the after effects that can come with a serious life threatening heart attack and condition.

If you are dealing with a chronic illness, I encourage you to study up on foods, nutrition, exercise and the do's and don'ts. They can make a huge difference in your life.

Journey To Fulfillment - Turning Life’s Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping-Stones

Title: Journey to Fulfillment
Author: Theresa Franklin
Review Date: June 25, 2011
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0

Join Author, Theresa Franklin, in her tender and delightful memoir, Journey to Fulfillment, as she shares her life experiences that have molded her character into the woman God intended her to be. Theresa, honestly and brazenly discusses heartaches, tragedies and triumphs from childhood through adulthood. With an open and compassionate heart, the Author lays bare the adversity she has faced through life to include the loss of her first love to marrying and the challenges one can face in being a wife and a mother, and notably her struggles in teaching special needs children. Throughout all, there has been one constant in her life, the unconditional love of her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Gain the proper perspective in regards to your life and glean from Theresa Franklin’s many years of experience as a Director of Special Education to discover your destiny in life and find fulfillment by transforming the adversities and hardships of your life into stepping stones that will lead you to a life well lived through Christ. This book will help you find the fulfillment you are searching for as your reflect on your upbringing and causes one to re-evaluate what is really most important in life, regardless of circumstances. Her desire is to see others find their fulfillment in life through Christ and she writes, “May God show you the stepping stones in your life.”

Find encouragement, guidance and strength for your soul within the pages of Journey to Fulfillment, and turn life’s stumbling blocks into stepping-stones to transform your own journey into a life well lived and a completely fulfilled life in Christ.

Journey to Fulfillment by Author Theresa Franklin

Highly Recommended
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews

God's Love, Grace And Mercy In Times Of Need

Title: Theology 101 In Bite-Size Pieces
Author: Judy Azar LeBlanc
ISBN: 978-1449707064
Date reviewed: January 5th, 2011
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
9.2 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

“Theology 101 In Bite-Size Pieces” is sweet to the taste and food for the soul. Beautifully written, Award winning author Judy Azar LeBlanc explains both the simplicity and the depths of the riches of God’s Divine Grace through the application of the wisdom and life changing truth of the Word of God. The author speaks of and teaches of the basic, yet profound kingdom truths and principles of receiving and entering into God’s wonderful grace through the finished work of the Cross. The author also opens the doors to a much deeper knowledge and in-depth understanding of the graces and riches in Christ that are available to every believer.

Each chapter reveals the foundational truths of the divine riches available to those who accept the free gift of salvation with an in-depth revelation of what the finished work of the Cross provides.

Through careful research of the Greek and Hebrew root meaning, the author, unveils the true meaning of the reality of divine grace, foreknown, predestined, called, chosen, redemption, reconciliation, forgiveness, to be freed from the law, saved by grace and the importance of justification.

The author continues to reveal the profound importance and truths of divine inheritance and what it means to be a heavenly citizen, to be adopted, delivered from the powers of darkness, while displaying the true belonging and security there is to be found in Christ.

Like unwrapping a gift, this book, unravels the mystery of the word “theology” by the practical application of every day language. The author provides the reader with a deeper knowledge and appreciation for God, the character of God, His nature and just how profound His love is for us all.

Theology 101 In Bite-Size Pieces provides an excellent foundation for teaching, bible studies, encouraging others and as a personal look into the depths and truths of the wonderful grace of God.

This book is highly recommended not just as a excellent read, but also as a life changing teaching that can help put a reader on the path to a much more intimate understanding and relationship with God through the understanding and revelation of His Word.

Theology 101 In Bite Size Pieces by Judy Azar LeBlanc
Highly Recommended
9.2 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Reviewed by: Christian Book Review’s

Do You Believe In Jesus Christ As Lord & Savior

The Price by Author Leon Newton

The play is about an arrogant millionaire who does not believe in God and Jesus Christ's Salvation for man. The millionaire believes man is the measure of all things and not God. He refuses to accept the fact he is in hell. He believes his paper work must have been misplace and this is all a mistake. The millionaire is told that God does not make mistakes. He demands Satan look into the matter at once and complains it's to hot in hell and asks Satan to turn the air conditioners on.

Satan tries to convince the millionaire there is no paper work mix up and hell is where he belongs. The millionaire not hearing any of it tells Satan he needs better customer service in hell because he would never hire him. Satan has the other residences of hell to give their testimonies of why they were in hell, but the millionaire is unconvinced.

Visit Author Leon Newton - The Price for more information.

Health, Nutrition And Genesis Today


“Orange Juice Had A Good Run,” but now there is something better for you. Genesis Today, one of the country’s fastest growing juice brands and emerging leader in the superfood consumer category, is changing the perception of your morning glass of orange juice with a new line of superfruit juices. Now that these incredible Superfruit juices are available at Walmart, maybe it’s time you try them for yourself.

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Dr. Lindsey Duncan is a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutritionist, who has been a trusted leader in the natural health products industry since 1983. After leading a successful nutrition practice in Santa Monica and logging over 40,000 hours of clinical experience, Dr. Lindsey wanted to do more. Dr. Lindsey has brought the superior, customized nutrition he had given his celebrity clients to everyone in America because he believes that no matter what your financial situation or your exercise routine, you deserve to be healthier, now.

Every Genesis Today product is packed with so many nutrients, minerals and antioxidants that just one serving a day is all you need to start meeting your health goals. Genesis Today’s Superfruit juices are available in three flavors: Acai Berry, Cranberry Goji, and Pomegranate & Berries with Resveratrol. Genesis Today wants you to switch out your morning glass of orange juice for a healthier option. Try it now and feel the difference.

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Dr. Lindsey Duncan - Genesis Today on Bloomberg Television
Dr. Lindsey Duncan - Genesis Today - Discusses Health Juice line